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Question you should ask
I am a small Hotel/Restaurant should I use digital ads?

That's a hard question but a good one. Advertising nothing is never a good idea, what I mean if you do not plan on promoting something that a potential customer might click on and a product they want then no it is not a good investment.

Any digital marketer can get people to hit your site/page it is what you are offering that is important, if you product or promotion is average or lack luster customers will just leave. You pay for hits with no results.

If you place an ad selling $10 bills for $2 dollars your ad will go viral, that is the extreme. If you advertise Great Rooms free HBO at rack rate you most likely will get few hit an no sales. The trick is finding something in the middle. 

If you are not willing to promote an attractive offer digital marketing will not help you! Stay away from discounts! 


  • Limited Time Offer. Buy Now & Save on Massages for 1 or 2 w/Champagne.
  • Plan Your Perfect Getaway With Premium Rooms & Unforgettable Amenities
  • September special package includes dinner for 2 at Cool Steaks 

The old marketing saying applies to digital marketing, maybe more so!

The right product to the right person at the right time!